I’m almost 40 and suffer with both Borderline Personality Disorder (or EUPD) and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. My aim is to raise awareness, fight the stigma and educate, educate, educate. So much ignorance surrounds mental illness and this is my space for me to have my say!

I really enjoy music (very eclectic taste) and play violin, guitar and a little piano. I love musicals too! I relate to many Buddhist philosophies and teachings and to their core belief of ‘relief from suffering’. I aspire to this. I would like to be more dedicated. I hope with time, I will be.

I love art. I used to call myself an artist but I struggle to create these days, however you may see some of my older art dotted around the blog.

I have a long relationship with mental illness and have spent a lot of time in psychiatric units through the years. I have met so much stigma and misunderstanding and it’s this that brings me to the creation of this blog. Also I’d like to use it as a journaling tool to a certain degree. Perhaps even get back into writing some poetry too.

Lastly, please don’t HATE! Loving is far nicer..

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