*Trigger warning. Mentions of self harm and suicide* I remember receiving an email from my college tutor that said: “Alcohol is a demon leading you away from the light” He knew that I had started on the road to alcoholism. It was too late for me though; I was too far down that road. It … Continue reading MY RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION


**Trigger warning - mentions of sexual abuse (not graphic)**   It really bothers me when people joke about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. It’s NOT funny to real sufferers like me. It is generally not that Instagram picture of things set out perfectly organised on an Ikea shelf accompanied by #OCD. IT’S NOT A CHOICE! … Continue reading OCD IS NEVER A CHOICE..


Just a short entry. I really haven’t been keeping up with blogging. I’ll try to keep on top of it… I’m tired of the mood swings. Tuesday I was on top form – I went to MIND on my own. Nerves have stopped me going for years but I actually went, stayed for 2 hours … Continue reading AFFECTIVE INSTABILITY

Living with mental illness- Eye contact, personal space and sensory issues..

In life, people expect you to look at them.  Not just a glance when you first meet them; but if you are interacting with them, then it’s expected that you periodically look at them so that they know that  you’re still listening. I find this so difficult. Just them looking at me I find difficult … Continue reading Living with mental illness- Eye contact, personal space and sensory issues..


So, before I get on my soapbox in this blog, I’m going to begin where it all started for me. I remember being 9 and thinking ‘9 years of age must be the hardest year when growing up’ – I think I was depressed already. Fast forwards 2 years, 11 years old. I got a … Continue reading THE BEGINNING..